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Celebration Kids with The Three Caballeros

The Three Caballeros are scheduled to perform at the club, but no one remembers that Donald was the third Caballero (well, Pumbaa remembered) Determined to not be forgotten, he tries to be the most important performer of the group, re-naming himself "The Duck Formerly Known as Donald" (an obvious parody of Prince). However, everyone wants the old Donald back, making Jose and Panchito harass and happiness Donald during their songs for a Celebrating birthday parties for all of us will be together.


  • Disc 1: Happy Birthday Barney (1992/remix/my version), Arthur New Years Eve (1997/my version/version)
  • Disc 2: Happy Birthday Uncle Piggy (1991/remix/my version) Tommy's First Birthday (1991/my version/remix)
  • Disc 3: Ord's Unhappy Birthday (1999/remix/my version), Joe's Surprise Party (2002/remix/my version)

and lots more!

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