Disney's House of Kids Vol.36 - Rugrats: A Day of the Potty

"A Day of the Potty"

Max has a date with Roxanne (from "A Goofy Movie") at the House of Mouse. At Max's request, everyone tries their best to keep Goofy away as he is a CONSTANT source of embaressment to him; however, they all equally try too hard to make Max's date go well. In the end, Goofy is the one who sets things straight.

Rugrats: Dil Saver / Cooking with Phil and Lil / Piece of Cake (2001/my version/remix), Sister Act / Spike's Nightscare / Cuddle Bunny (2001/my version/remix), Day of the Potty / Tell-Tale Cell Phone / The Time of Their Lives (2001/my version/remix), Adventure Squad / The Way More Things Work / Talk of the Town (2001/my version/remix)

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