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"The Stolen Kids TV Shows"

In an attempt to end the show and shut down the House of Kids, Pete steals all the kids shows, and can't be found guilty even with obvious clues pointing to him. Meanwhile, Donald is put in charge of the club after Mickey and Goofy leave to film a new cartoon and kidsshow. Despite managing to keep the show going, Pete points out that with only cartoon and kids show, guests would get bored and eventually stops coming; his movements cause all the missing cartoons to come out of his coat; no one is very happy about his dirty trick.

Trivia: Pepper Ann makes a cameo when Pete is thrown out on the street by Tantor from Disney's Tarzan.

Kids Shows: K-ACME TV (1991/remix/my version), The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer (2002/remix/my version), Movie Madness (2013/remix/my version)