The Friendship Club Platinum Edition Collections

Chip and Dale try to steal all the nuts in the club, but when Donald tries to stop them, Mickey thinks that he's the thief, but Donald is not stealing anything, but were Chip and Dale. Nevertheless, Mickey does not believe him.

Disc 1 Edit

  • Barney & Friends: Gifts of the Dinos (2007/my version/remix), A Chuckie Finster Christmas, Channukah, Kwanzaa, Winter SoliceSong: 12 Dogs of HolidaysSweet Treats (2007/my version/remix)
  • The Brady Bunch: Brace Yourself (1970/my version/remix), The Making of Zoom: FriendshipMy Fair Opponent (1972/my version/remix)

Disc 2 Edit

  • Blue's Clues: Superfriends (2001/my version/remix), Blue's Clues Merchandise Commercial (2000/my version/remix), Meet Polka Dots (2003/my version/remix)
  • The Brady Bunch: Jan's Aunt Jenny (1972/my version/remix), Wonder Woman & The Brady Kids (1972/my version/remix), Sergeant Emma (1972/my version/remix)

Disc 3 Edit

  • Family Affair: Oliver (1968), Alf Plush Doll TV Commercial (1986), Boys Against Girls (1970)
  • The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Footlooser (2005/my version/remix), Song: Laurie Berkner Fast & Slow (The Rabbit and the Turtle) with art by Sean QuallsKisses & Basketball (2006/my version/remix)

Disc 4 Edit

  • Boy Meets World: Wrong Side of the Tracks (1995/my version/remix), Song: You've Got A Friend In Me (Porky & Buckwheat), Uncle Daddy (1997/my version/remix)
  • Jessie: Zuri's New Old Friend (2011/my version/remix), My Family Tree: Cuba (Disney Channel), Are You Cool Than A 5th Grade (2012/my version/remix)

Disc 5 Edit

  • Ned's Declassified: Best Friends (2005/my version/remix), Making New Friends (2007/my version/remix), Positives and Negatives (2007/my version/remix)
  • Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Chipmunks Story (1983/my version/remix), Song: The Monkey Song Remix (Animaniacs, AMS, NickyHelp and more!), The Chipettes (1983/my version/remix)

Disc 6 Edit

  • Rugrats: Meet the Carmichaels / New Kid in Town (1992/1993/my vesion/remix), He Saw, She Saw / A Very McNulty Birthday / Angelica's Twin / Dil We Meet Again (1997/1998/1999/my version/remix), A Step at a Time / Happy Taffy (2003/my version/remix)
  • iCarly: iPity The Nevel (2011/my version/remix), iCarly & Victorious Cast: Leave It All To Shine (Official Music Video), iFind Spencer Friends (2012/my version/remix)

Disc 7 Edit

  • Shake It Up: Add It Up (2010/my version/remix), Leo Little's Big Blog Special Disney EditionFunk It Up (2012/my version/remix)
  • Good Luck Charlie: Kit and Kaboodle (2010/my version/remix), Duncan vs. Duncan (2011/my version/remix), Gabe's 12-½ Birthday (2011/my version/remix)

Disc 8 Edit

  • Arthur: Based on a True Story (2012/my version/remix), Arthur's New Friend: Starring Andy (Kideo/my version/remix), A Word From Us Kids (Based on a True Story/my version/remix)
  • Dinosaur Train: Junior Conductor Jamboree / Troodon Train Day (2011/my version/remix) (lessons taught: Mesozoic / Steam engines)

Disc 9 Edit

  • Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Thank You, Granpere Tiger!Song: I Miss You (Simba & Mufasa), Neighborhood Thank You Day (2012/my version/remix)
  • Drake & Josh: Number 1 Fan (2004/my version/remix), Austin & Ally: Magazines & Made-Up Stuff (2012/my version/remix), Caillou and All Grown Up!: Friends and DeVille House Divided (2000/my version/remix and 2007/my version/remix), Song: Big Brothers Big Sisters Covered All Sizes (Caillou) and Mi Familia Es Lo Mejor (Plaza Sesamo), Barney & Friends: A New Kid (2010/my version/remix) Dora The Explorer: Little Map (2012/my version/remix)

Disc 10 Edit

  • Adevntures From The Book Of Virtues: Friendship (1997/my version/remix), Ask Me! on QuboFriendship (2000/my version/remix)
  • The Dooley & Pals Show: Home Sweet Home (2000/my version/remix), Song: The Hum Song and Lamb Chop's Lullaby (Lamb Chop's Play Along), Blue's Clues: Skidoo Adventure (2004/my version/remix), Song: Twinke Twinkle Little Star (My Wife & Kids: Calvin Goes To Work), Song: Brothers And Sisters (Sesame Street), Rugrats: Home Sweet Home (2003/my version/remix), Barney & Friends: BJ's Really Cool House (2002/my version/remix)

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