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The Baby-Sitters Clubhouse Collections

Mrs. Turtle wants her baby son Shelby (who has given Donald plenty of trouble in the past) to perform, and Mickey agrees to babysit him.

Disc 1

  • The Brady Bunch: A Clubhouse is Not a Home (1969/remix/my version), The Electric Company: The Great Compromise (2010/remix/my version)
  • Arthur: My Club Rules (1997/remix/my version), The Brady Bunch: Kitty Karry-All is Missing (1969/remix/my version)

Disc 2

  • The Brady Bunch: 54-40 and Fight (1970/remix/my version), The Fender Benders (1972/remix/my version)
  • The Brady Bunch: A Fistful of Reasons (1970/remix/my version), Looney Tunes: My Bunny Lies Over The Sea (1948/remix/my version)

Disc 3

  • Rugrats: Angelicon (2001/remix/my version), The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog: Tails In Charge (1995/remix/my version)
  • Babar: Between Friends (1989/remix/my version), Full House: Take My Sister, Please (1991/remix/my version)

Disc 4

  • Moesha: A House Is Not A Home (1999/remix/my version), The Dooley & Pals Show: MINE, MINE, MINE! (remix/my version)
  • The Brady Bunch: Jan, The Only Child (1972/remix/my version), Full House: The Devil Made Me Do It (1992/remix/my version)

Disc 5

  • Rugrats: Wash-Dry Story (2001/remix/my version), Talk of the Town (2001/remix/my version)
  • Recces: Principal for a Day (1999/remix/my version), Cartoons: Sh-h-h-h-h-h (1955/my version)

Disc 6

  • Arthur: Arthur Babysits (1996/remix/my version), D.W.'s Very Bad Mood (1998/remix/my version)
  • Malcolm: Red Dress (2000/remix/my version), The Simpsons: My Sister, My Sitter (1997/remix/my version)

Disc 7

  • South Park: The F Words (2009/my version), Arthur: Arthur's Big Hit (1999/my version)
  • Rugrats: My Fair Babies (2001/remix/my version), Pickles vs. Pickles (1994/remix/my version)

Disc 8

  • Lilo & Stitch The Series: Babyfier (2004/remix/my version), Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck (1953/remix/my version)
  • The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh: Tigger is the Mother of Invention (1990/remix/my version), Barney & Friends: Oh, Brother...She's My Sister (1997/my version)

Disc 9

  • Dragon Tales: The Giants of Nod (1999/remix/my version), Tales You Lose (1999/remix/my version)
  • Dragon Tales: Hand in Hand (2004/remix/my version), Flip Flop (2004/remix/my version)

Disc 10

  • Save By The Bell: The Fight (1992/remix/my version), Good Luck Charlie: Charlie In Charge (2010remix/my version)
  • Clip Shows Parts 1 and 2: Barney & Friends (clip), The Little Rascals (clip) and lots more!