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The Disney's House of Kids Movie - Team Umizoomi To The Rescue

Movie "Team Umizoomi To The Rescue"

The theme of the day is flight, but Donald can't fly, even though he wants to. Various characters try to help, Like Timothy Mouse, Notre Dame Gargoyles and Scuttle, but nothing works... until Peter Pan arrives.

Team Umizoomi: Favorite Things Show (2010), The Big Boat Race (2010), Chicks in the City (2010), Super Soap! (2011), Milli Saves the Day (2011), Umi Fire Truck (2011), Ellee the Elephant (2011), Umi Toy Store (2011), Buster the Lost Dog (2011), Rainy Day Rescue (2012), The Umi City Treasure Hunt (2012), UmiCar's Birthday Present (2013), Robo Tools (2013), The Sunshine Fairy (2013), Little Panda Joe (2013)