Disney's House of Kids - Slumber Sleepover Campground Party

Slumber Sleepover Campground Party

Mickey and Minnie try to leave for a slumber party sleepover campout and leave Donald and Daisy in charge of the club party.

Discs: Edit

  • Disc 1: Boots's Cuddly Dinosaur (2004/my version/remix), Louder (2004/my version/remix) The Super Babies Dream Adventure (2009/my version/remix)
  • Disc 2: Sleepover (2000/my version/remix), The Big Sleepover (2001/my version/remix) Vacaciones (2011/my version/remix)
  • Disc 3: Arthur's First Sleepover (1997/my version/remix), And Word From Us Kids (from Arthur's First Sleepover), Day & Night (2003/my version/remix)

and lots more!

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