Play Laugh Sing & Dance Along With Us

The Quackstreet Boys (alias Huey, Dewey & Louie) have broken up and Mickey, Donald and Goofy have to reunite them in time for the show.


  • Disc 1: Wee Sing: Classic Songs for Kids (1996/remix), Lamb Chop's Play Along: Let's Make Music (1992/remix), Song: B-A-N-J-O, Oh Susana and Polly Wolly Doodle (Lamb Chop's Play Along), Barney & Friends: Practice Makes Music (1992/my version/remix)
  • Disc 2: Sesame Street: Music Magic (2010/remix), Go, Diego, Go,: The Iguana Sing Along (2006), Cabbage Patch Kids Sing Album Commercial, Blue's Clues: Music In Everyday Way (1998/my version/remix)
  • Disc 3: Rugrats: Music (1999/remix/my version), Arthur: Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival (1999/remix/my version), Song: Barney Boogie (Music Video), Sid The Science Kid: No School Sing-Along Special (2010)

and lots more!

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