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[[File:The_Disney's_House_of_Kids_Movie_-_Let's_Put_On_A_Show.jpg|thumb|330px]]'''Let's Put On A Show'''
Minnie goes down to the prop basement to find Mickey a birthday present, but after realizing that she didn't take Pluto, Mickey thinks that she's lost and takes Pluto, Goofy and Donald with him to find her. This leaves Daisy in charge, which leads to disastrous and reprehensible results.
== Discs: ==
* Disc 1: ''Gonzo's Video Show'' (1984/remix/my version), ''The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show'' (1997/remix/my version)
* Disc 2: ''It's Showtime'' (2004/remix/my version), ''Lights, Camera, Action, A Movie Adventure'' (2008/my version/remix)
and lots more![[Category:DeviantART]]
[[Category:Television series by Disney Junior]]

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