Halloween with Hades Collections

Hades falls in love with Maleficent, and Mickey tries to bring them together. However, all his backfiring attempts enrage Hades, whose villionous side attracts Maleficent; in a way Mickey DID succeed in helping.

Disc 1 Edit

  • Donald Duck: Trick Or Treat (1952/remix/my version), Donald's Halloween Scare (2000/remix/my version)
  • Jessie: The Whining (2012/remix/version), The Green Eyed Monster (2012/remix/version)

Disc 2 Edit

  • George Lopez: Halloween Cheer (2002/remix/my version), Trick or Treat Me Right (2005/remix/my version)
  • Arthur: Hic Or Treat (2007/remix/my version), The Fright Stuff (1999/remix/my version)

Disc 3 Edit

  • Good Luck Charlie: Scary Had a Little Lamb (2011/remix/my version), Le Halloween (2012/remix/my version)
  • A.N.T. Farm: mutANT farm (2011/remix/my version), mutANT farm 2 (2012/remix/my version)

Disc 4 Edit

  • Ned's Declassified: Halloween (2006/remix/my version), Vampires, Ghosts, Werewolves & Zombies (2006/remix/my version)
  • Dora The Explorer: Boo! (2003/remix/my version), Halloween Parade (2011/remix/my version)

Disc 5 Edit

  • Go, Diego, Go: Freddie the Fruit Bat Saves Halloween! (2008/remix/my version), Team Umizoomi: The Ghost Family Costume Party (2010/remix/my version)
  • Malcolm In The Middle: Halloween Approximately (2000/remix/my version), Halloween (2005/remix/my version)

Disc 6 Edit

  • Word World: A Kooky Spooky Halloween (2008/remix/my version), Sheep's Halloween Costume (2008/remix/my version)
  • Super Why: The Ghost Who Was Afraid Of Halloween (2008/remix/my version), Sid The Science Kid:Halloween Spooky Science Special (Halloween: Spiders/Bats/Skeletons/Cats) (2011/remix/my version)

Disc 7 Edit

  • Shake It Up: Beam It Up (2011/remix/my version), Austin & Ally: Costumes & Courages (2012/remix/my version)
  • Barney & Friends: Guess Who? (2007/remix/my version), Sweet Treats (2007/remix/my version)

Disc 8 Edit

  • South Park: Hell On Earth 2006 (2006.remix/my version), A Nightmare On Face Time (2012/remix/my version)
  • Roseanne: BOO (1989/remix/my version), Trick-Or-Treat (1990/remix/my version)

Disc 9 Edit

  • Roseanne: Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down (1991/remix/my version), Halloween IV (1992/remix/my version)
  • Roseanne: Halloween V (1993/remix/my version), Skeleton In The Closet (1994/remix/my version), Halloween: The Final Chapter (1995/remix/my version)

Disc 10 Edit

  • Boy Meets World: Boys 2 Mensa (1993/remix/my version), Who's Afraid of Cory Wolf? (1994/remix/my version)
  • Dinosaur Train: Haunted Roundhouse (2011/remix/my version), Big Pond Pumpkin Patch (2011/remix/my version)

Disc 11 Edit

  • The Brady Bunch: To Move or Not To Move (1970/remix/my version), Fright Night (1972/remix/my version)
  • Alvin & The Chipmunks: Trick or Treason (1994/remix/my version), Disney's Sing Along Songs: Happy Haunting Party At Disneyland (1998/remix/my version)

Gallery Edit

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