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Everyone Is Special

Chip and Dale try to steal all the nuts in the friendship club for everyone is special, and when Donald tries to stop them, Mickey mistakes the duck for the thief.


Disc 1: Everyone Is Special (1992/remix/my version), The Prince & The Pauper (Home) (clip), School Song (1992/remix/my version)

Disc 2: Rock Star (2011/remix/my version), Song: Shine (from The Fresh Beat Band), Keeping it Green (2012/remix/my version)

Disc 3: The Birthday Boy (1969/remix/my version), Song: I Am The Cute One (from Chaya and Chava), The Joiners (1971/remix/my version)

Disc 4: The Grumpy Old Troll Gets Married (2011/remix/my version), Dora and Diego's Amazing Animal Circus (2012/remix/my version), Dora's Rainforest Talent Show (2013/remix/my version)

Disc 5: The Wacky Molestation Adventure (2000/remix/my version), Stop Touching Me Elmo - South Park CommercialElementary School Musical (2008/remix/my version)

Disc 6: Baby's First Vacation (2012/remix/my version), The Friendship Team (2009/remix/my version), Remember Me (2013/remix/my version)

Disc 7: Dance Party (2013/remix/my version), Kicho's Magic Flute (2008/remix/my version), Dora Saves Opera Land (2014/remix/my version)

Disc 8: iLook Alike (2009/remix/my version), The Danger Begins (2014/remix/my version) (clip), Twinfection (2013/remix/my version)

Disc 9: A Very Special Delivery! (1993/remix/my version), You Are Special (2000/remix/my version), Caring (2006/remix/my version)

Disc 10: The Little Mermaid (2008/remix/my version), Differences (2006/remix/my remix), Bein With You This Way (2008/remix/my version), Daniel's New Friend/Same & Different (2013/remix/my version)

Disc 11: Dinosaur Block Party {lessons taught: Ecosystems} (2010/remix/my version), The Pride of Lakewood (2010/remix/my version), Jules Quest (2010/remix/my version)

Disc 12: The Fate of Two Worlds (A New World) (2000/remix/my version), Coming To Homerica (2009/remix/my version), Snafu (2006/remix/my version)